Publication year: 2010 Source: Chemical Engineering Journal, In Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available online 24 November 2010 A., González , N., Moreno , R., Navia , X., Querol This work focuses on the development, characterization and use of a non-conventional sorbent (NCS) using a blend of petroleum coke fluidized bed combustion fly ash and the organic waste fraction from a Kraft cellulose wastewater facility. In addition to an increase in specific surface area and particle size distribution, NCS showed a similar chemical composition as petroleum coke fly ashes. Leaching tests revealed the non-hazardous character of all NCSs obtained according the European standards for landfill disposal of waste materials, being Na, S, Ca, V, Ni, Zn and As detected as mobile major and trace elements

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Development of a non-conventional sorbent from fly ash and its potential use in acid wastewaters neutralization and heavy metals removal